Welcome to Metrail—the world’s most advanced hybrid electric monorail system

Metrail is the world’s most innovative public transport system - economical, clean and sustainable.

Developed by Frazer–Nash, Metrail utilises the latest advances in intelligent hybrid electric technology, micro–electronics and computerised traction systems.

The carriages are constructed using aerospace grade carbon fibre composites for high strength with low weight.

Major Features:

  • On-board hybrid electric powertrain
  • Self-powered: No power rails and substations—immune to power failures
  • Supplemented with solar energy
  • Virtually pollution free
  • Low project costs
  • Low operating costs
  • Short implementation period
  • Flexibility & scaleability
  • Complete network integration

Frazer-Nash and Metrail

Founded in the 1920’s, Frazer–Nash enjoys a reputation for pioneering design and engineering expertise.

Frazer–Nash design and develop products for a changing world using the latest technologies — from its world beating sports cars in the early days, through defence systems to today’s innovative products.

Mass transit Monorail

Monorails are currently in daily service, efficiently moving millions of people to their destinations in many countries around the world.

They have an unbeaten safety record and a justified reputation for dependable public mass transit stretching back to 1901.

The Metrail system

With its core hybrid electric powertrain technology developed by Frazer–Nash, Metrail is the next generation advanced monorail system.

Frazer-Nash Research

Our partner organisation, Frazer–Nash Research Limited, flagship company of the Kamkorp group, continues to innovate and develop hybrid electric powertrain technologies to meet the requirements of environmentally friendly passenger and personal vehicles.