Metrail Hybrid-Electric Monorail System - questions and answers...

  • Frazer-Nash Powertrain
  •  Does the Metrail system require overhead power lines?
     No, Metrail is completely self-powered using Frazer-Nash intelligent digital hybrid technology - there's no need for an external power supply either overhead or on the guideway. ↑ Top
  •  The Metrail powertrain has a diesel engine - does it power the carriages?
     No, the diesel engine only runs to provide energy for the generator which in turn charges the cells which power the motors. ↑ Top
  •  Does Metrail have a “KERS” system like some Formula 1 racing cars?
     Yes, regenerative braking converts kinetic energy back into electrical energy. ↑ Top
  •  Does the Metrail system require an external power supply?
     No, Metrail is completely self-powered - its has an advanced on-board Frazer-Nash intelligent hybrid-electric power supply and motors. ↑ Top
  • Metrail Infrastructure
  •  Is the Metrail system difficult to construct?
     No, because each carriage has its own power supply, the guideway design is relatively simple to manufacture and erect. The majority of the components can be manufactured locally. ↑ Top
  •  Is Metrail suitable for urban locations?
     Yes, Metrail's unique multiple steering system allows a turn radius of less than 30 metres - impossible to achieve with conventional rail and other monorail types. ↑ Top
  •  Can Metrail cope with hills?
     Yes, the guideway can cope with gradients of 15% and be banked to allow operation in virtually all terrains. ↑ Top
  •  How many passengers can Metrail carry?
     Metrail is uniquely scaleable making it suitable for low volume feeder networks up to inter-city mass transit of over 55,000 pphpd. ↑ Top
  • Metrail and the Environment
  •  Is Metrail a “green” solution for public transport?
      Yes, Metrail's use of hybrid electric technology make it the natural choice for clean, efficient transportation. Emissions per passenger kilometer are a small fraction of those produced by grid powered systems. ↑ Top
  •  Can Metrail use solar power?
     Yes, solar panels can be fitted to the carriage roofs to provide further on-board energy. ↑ Top
  • Safety
  •  How safe is Metrail?
     Metrail is intrinsically safe - it runs on low voltage DC electrical current and there have been zero straddle-beam monorail passenger fatalities in over 100 years. ↑ Top
  •  What safety systems does Metrail employ?
     Metrail is fully supported with all the necessary safety systems for full network implementation such as signalling, ATC, ATP and communications. All these systems conform to the latest international safety standards and feature multiple redundancy for fail-safe operation. ↑ Top