The Metrail Monorail for City of Arabia,
The Heart of Dubailand.

Dubai – 14th September 2008

The Ilyas and Mustafa Galadari Group is proud to announce that they have awarded the monorail contract for City of Arabia, Dubailand, Dubai, UAE to Metrail AG of Switzerland.

The Metrail system was chosen because it not only has lower capital costs, but also the recurring operational costs are about 10% of those offered by the five other well established multinational bidders.

“We awarded the AED 450 million contract to Metrail because of our commitment to provide a safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable transportation system. It made the difference between a viable public transport system and a subsidised one.”

S. M. Syed Khalil

Group Executive Director, City of Arabia

“From the outset, we looked for a transportation system that would complement our project. The Metrail monorail requires no electrical infrastructure and its light weight allows for imaginative station and guideway designs. Metrail’s unique and advanced ‘green’ technology will add to the Galadari Group’s commitment to the environment.”

Bill Muir

Senior Vice President - Project Management, City of Arabia

“Metrail is delighted to have been selected by City of Arabia to supply its innovative hybrid monorail system to this prestigious project. Our monorail technology has evolved from over twenty years of electric and hybrid electric research and development.

Metrail is confident that the success of the City of Arabia project will unlock the considerable potential for other Metrail monorail mass transit projects to be carried out not only in the UAE but also in the rest of the world.”

Bill Armstrong

Chief Operating Officer, Metrail

Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits are a new concept devised by public and private entities.

It involves a company which can make greenhouse gas emission reductions for a relatively low cost selling the rights to those reductions, or carbon credits, to an organisation which would find it more expensive to achieve the same level of reduction through in-house activities.