Metrail’s unique technology

  • Metrail is the most technologically advanced monorail system in the world utilising the Frazer–Nash Hybrid Electric Powertrain. FN Series Hybrid powered vehicles are re-charged from a proprietary on-board power source, regenerative charging and from the domestic power supply.
  • Metrail has a pure electric powertrain with an integrated auxiliary power unit and generator.
  • Metrail is the only system that fits easily into existing urban corridors without the need for infrastructure support from a national grid.
  • Metrail negotiates tight curves within acceptable passenger comfort levels and operates effectively in virtually all environments and terrains.


Lower Overall System Cost

  • Low cost infrastructure and rolling stock
  • Economically viable operation and maintenance
  • Low passenger to carriage weight ratio
  • Minimal turn radius
  • No grid power required for traction—Metrail operates using Low Voltage on–board captive power

Overall System Cost—Monorail & Typical LRT Systems
Compared with Metrail


Low environmental impact

  • Metrail is quiet and energy efficient — especially with the optional addition of solar panels
  • The multiple fuel engine and FN generator used on the Metrail system has far lower emissions than the “Euro IV” standard
  • (Euro emission standards generally relate to cars carrying up to 4 passengers whereas a Metrail carriage carries in excess of 90 passengers. Therefore the proportional emission per passenger is far lower than the “Euro IV” standard.)
  • The graph below shows the distinct advantage of the self-powered Metrail system over conventional grid-powered systems
  • Emission of prime pollutants is a fraction of conventional rail

Emissions per Passenger Km


Metrail’s low operation cost

  • Economically viable to build, operate and maintain
  • Locally assembled, operated and maintained
  • Comparative graphs illustrating the economic advantages of Metrail are shown on the right
  • Implementation period is typically completed in 18-24 months

Fuel cost per Passenger Km (with A/C)

Metrail’s low cost

  • Economically viable to build, operate and maintain.
  • Locally assembled, operated and maintained.
  • Implementation is typically completed in 18-24 months.
  • No external power source required.

Operation & Maintenance Cost Comparison
per Passenger Km ↓